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2021 Home Design Trends

We’ve finally moved past 2020 and are ready to begin the new year. If you want to start with fresh designs in your home, here are design trends that will be at the forefront this year:

Dedicated Home Offices

When we only thought quarantine was going to last for a few weeks, working at the kitchen table seemed like a fun idea. Now that many companies, especially in the tech realm, are moving to working from home for good, there will be a need for dedicated work spaces.
Don’t have a spare room to dedicate to your work? Get creative! One of the bigger trends on Pinterest this year is the “Cloffice”, a closet turned into an office.

Clearly Delineated Spaces

Gone is our obsession with open floor plans. People are increasingly more interested in having cozy shared living spaces and spots where they can have space to themselves. This need for separate spaces is also changing home buyers’ priorities. They are asking for homes with more separation, as working from home becomes mainstream and more multigenerational families share homes and need space amongst themselves.

Houseplants and Indoor Gardens

Last year, houseplants became popular as folks brought a taste of the outdoors in during quarantine. With the pandemic continuing into the new year, it seems the houseplant trend is here to stay. Before buying houseplants, take into account natural light and how much you will remember to water. There are plants that thrive in high light and water situations, and those that do fine with low light and little water. Research to make sure you are getting the right plant for your needs.

Wood Grain Kitchen Cabinets and Counters

Organic touches are being found all over the home, and the kitchen is no different. People are opting for more minimalist styles with natural materials such as wood grain. Instead of the all-white kitchen, expect to see homeowners embracing wood-grain cabinets and butcher block counters.

Retro Furniture and Color Palettes

Perhaps spurned on by a wave of nostalgia during the pandemic, people have been turning to furniture with ’80s curves and ’90s traditionalism. Expect to see funky colors like mauve, forest green, and burnt orange making an appearance. Want to try out the trend for yourself? Pick a bold color and paint one wall or a smaller bathroom.

Cozy and Layered

Design trends are leaning towards more traditional, trading cool grays and blues for warm colors. The personality is changing from uber-modern to more boho chic. Right now, comfort is king. So pile on those blankets and pillows, and don’t be afraid to embrace a style that reflects your personality.